Week 3 – Office Hours, Professionalism, Grading

Slides In-Class Worksheet

📖 Readings

✍️ Homework (Part 1 due on Friday, April 21st; Part 2 due on Sunday, April 23rd)

Don’t forget that Homework 2 is also due on Sunday.

There are two parts to Homework 3:

Part 1: Questions for Experienced Tutors (due on Friday, April 21st)

Our upcoming class will mostly be a panel led by experienced tutors. Specifically, we’ll have:

We’ll have an open-ended period at the end of the panel where you can ask questions of the panelists. However, to ensure our discussion time is used wisely, we’d like you to submit two questions that you’d like to hear the panelists answer. Your questions can be directed at all of the panelists, or at a specific panelist.

Submit your two questions here by Friday. This is earlier than the normal homework deadline since the panelists need time to read and prepare for your questions.

Part 2: Completing the Week 3 In-Class Worksheet (due on Sunday, April 23rd)

Fully complete the In-Class Worksheet that we didn’t get a chance to discuss in Monday’s class. We’ll take up everyone’s answers when we meet again, and continue a discussion on grading.